• Mary Beth Murray

Calling all comic book fans!

The 9th Annual Schomburg Center Black Comic Book Festival is upon us this week! This 4-day celebration includes some of the following workshops:

How to Draw Black Superheroes

  • Comic Book Writing Workshop

  • Black Girl Genius

  • The BAYlies - A Community of LGBTQ and POC Cartoonists from the Bay Area

  • The Comics Chitlin Circuit: Cultivating a

  • Sustainable Network for Black Cartoonists

  • #Edcomix: Teaching Hard History Through Comics

  • The Comic Book Spectrum: A New Era of Industry

  • MECCAcon Presents: Black Animators

  • Make it Plain: Social Commentary Through Comics

  • ...and many more đź’«

Thank you to Ms. Farinacci for keeping us in the know about this cool event!

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